Help us replace our toys and equipment - COSMIC Christmas Appeal

We would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has donated to our COSMIC Christmas Appeal following the news that donated toys and equipment for upcoming events such as the Children’s Christmas Party and Carols by Candlelight Concert had been taken. The messages of support have been truly heart-warming; thank you everyone who continues to support the appeal. If you would like to make a donation to our appeal page please follow the link to help us make Christmas at St Mary’s hospital this year! Click here to help wym-1480375712029

A huge thank you to Entertainment One, Zendesk and Marks & Spencer's Food Division who were some of the first companies to come to our rescue to help save Christmas for the children with donations of toys, money and goods. 


What is COSMIC? from COSMIC Charity on Vimeo.

For more cute video clips and to find out more about the #IAMCOSMIC campaign click here 

These are just a few examples of what the money donated to COSMIC can go towards to help us help sick children, as well as their families and our ward staff.

  • 60p - Toothbrushes and toothpaste for parents staying in our hotels
  • £8 - One bereavement support book for siblings
  • £10 - One welcome pack and PICU parent information booklets
  • £10 - A gift for patients/siblings/parents who may have a birthday whilst in hospital
  • £15 - One set of baby hand imprints and a presentation box
  • £30 - Modelling dough for foot and hand imprints used as part of our bereavement work
  • £45 - One child bereavement counselling session
  • £70 - £100 – 1 night in a hotel nearby for parents
  • £100 - Travel reimbursement between home and hospital for 1 week
  • £500 - Contribute towards a patient funeral costs for a family experiencing financial hardship
  • £800 - Quarterly funding for parent bereavement counsellor
  • £1,500 - A syringe pump to administer drugs at precise intervals in exact quantities
  • £3,000 -  A “Baby pod” which is used to safely and securely transport sick children
  • £5,500 - Ventilator upgrades, making them state of the art
  • £35,000 - A high frequency Oscillating ventilator
  • £150,000 - An intensive care bed and basic machines